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Extend OnSong with accessories.

While OnSong can go solo, it loves to play with others. Here are some great products that extend your performance beyond the basics.



Use foot pedals to control OnSong hands-free and hassle free.


Attach your device to a mic stand for easy on-stage setup.


These stands are perfect for holding your microphone or other peripherals.


Used for connecting an iPhone or iPad to various peripherals.

Audio Interfaces

Get high-quality audio from your device to connect to a PA or sound console.

Backing Tracks

Acquire high-quality backing tracks to assign to your songs.


We love showing great instruments and accessories that work great on stage just like OnSong.


Connect your device to other MIDI-enabled instruments with these MIDI adapters.


These Bluetooth devices are perfect for vocalists or guitarists to control OnSong.

Video Adapters

OnSong can project lyrics and background videos while you perform. These adapters make it possible.

Ready to ditch the binder for OnSong 2022?